What is the first thing people see on your website?

We believe respecting the privacy of your website visitor is important and that your website visitor should be able to rely on this.

About us

A cookie banner is the first thing your website visitors encounter on your website.
We see huge potential in using cookies and tracking technologies on websites and apps and believe that cookies should support your online goals.

GDPR legislation doesn’t make this easy, but not impossible.

CookieMagic and Cookiebot

We have learned by trial and error about the challenges of using cookies and trackers in line with legislation. At first we built our own solution, but learned maintenance on this was distracting us from our business. When we found Cookiebot however, we started to support customers with the solution. Nowadays we are happy to share our experiences with our community and customers.

The CookieMagic custom cookie banner designs were developed together with the community. Some to just look better and others to supercharge opt-in percentages while respecting the strict GDPR and ePrivacy guidelines on cookie consent. All banners are designed to respect the privacy of your website visitors.

CookieBot support

Customers subscribing to Cookiebot via CookieMagic, can rely on our first line support.
We have extensive documentation on how to implement the Cookiebot solution and our custom banners. If needed, you can also contact our helpdesk with your questions.

We are fluent in English and support SME and corporate entities to manage their cookies.