Automatic cookie declaration

Below Cookie Declaration is created automatically and is part of the Cookiebot solution.

Once a month Cookiebot will perform an automated cookie audit by scanning your website for cookies (HTTP/Javascript cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Silverlight Isolated Storage, IndexedDB, ultrasound beacons, pixel tags). When finished, it will also generate a cookie declaration with descriptions on every cookie found on your website.

The cookie declaration is available to your website users as a cookie report.

The cookie report can be published in full on any of your subpages, e.g. as part of your privacy policy, by simply including a javascript-code in the specific page. The declaration also shows the user’s current consent state and offers the user the statutory option of changing or withdrawing a consent.
Monitor your cookies by registering one or more subscribers to receive a monthly scan report by e-mail with information on new and removed cookies.

The Cookie Declaration contains the following elements:

  • A customizable introduction text with information about the use of cookies on your website.
    When using bulk consent, information about the domains that the user’s consent is valid for is automatically included.
  • Current consent status (what categories of cookies consent has been given for). Change consent or completely withdraw consent. If the user clicks ‘change your consent’ or ‘withdraw your consent’ the cookie consent banner will re-appear.
  • Last updated. This date is automatically updated when a scan has been performed on the website.
  • A list of all the cookies and trackers in use on the website – automatically categorized in Necessary, Preferences, Statistics and Marketing – along with purpose descriptions and additional information. This information is automatically obtained from the latest scan report for your website and is automatically updated with each new scan.

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Cookie declaration