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Hubspot Cookiebot Integration

Consent Management for your Hubspot domain.

If you have third party cookies or trackers on your website, use Cookiebot with Hubspot to ensure full compliance and real data privacy for your users.

Some content management systems (CMS) are a bit more challenging to implement scripts. Hubspot and Cookiebot joined efforts to solve this for the Hubspot CMS.

Now Hubspot users can enjoy and ensure compliance for cookie usage without having to use a work around.

On top of that, the use of CookieMagic custom cookie banner designs are at your disposal as well.

High opt-in percentages up to 95%

Combine CookieMagic cookie banner designs with the Cookiebot and Hubspot integration.

Get the benefits from the Cookiebot technology on your HubSpot CMS while you can enjoy a fresh cookie banner design that reflects your corporate identity and support your online goals with high opt-in percentages.

HubSpot and GDPR

Using HubSpot on your website isn’t by default non-compliant with the GDPR, but it requires you to implement a process of obtaining user consents before you process their personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the personal data of individuals inside the EU, regardless of where in the world the website processing their information is located.

The GDPR requires you to:

  • Inform your users of all cookies and trackers in operation; their duration, provider and purpose.
  • Ask for and obtain the explicit consent from end-users before processing any personal data.
  • Block all cookies and trackers from activation before the end-user has given their consent to which they will allow to operate on your site during their visit.
  • Document all obtained consents and renew consents at least once per year.
  • Enable users to be able to change their consent state or revoke their consent entirely in as easy a way as they gave it.

If your website uses HubSpot to e.g. track user behavior on your website or detect when they open and read an email, these processes process personal data, to which users must first give their consent.

By asking for and obtaining user consent prior to any activation of third-party cookies, you ensure that your website and its use of HubSpot is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cookiebot in the HubSpot App Marketplace

Cookiebot implemented through HubSpot offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for control of all third-party cookies and similar trackers for full compliance with GDPR/ePR, CCPA and similar data privacy laws.

Sign up for free to Cookiebot to get started. Input your Cookiebot ID in the HubSpot platform to make your website compliant with the GDPR, CCPA and similar data privacy laws across the world.

Key Benefits

Cookiebot offers all-in-one automated cookie consent management for GDPR, CCPA and other global data privacy laws. A fully compliant implementation of Cookiebot on your HubSpot websites is made simple through this app.

Cookiebot scans your website to detect all cookies, trackers and trojan horses, then automatically blocks them until users have given their consent through a simple yet compliant consent banner. The banner is fully customizable, or you can use the CookieMagic cookie banner designs.

How Cookiebot integrates with HubSpot

Integrate Cookiebot’s consent service and cookie control on HubSpot

Implementing Cookiebot on HubSpot fully compliantly couldn’t be easier. Sign up for Cookiebot and then use this app to match your Cookiebot domain group id with your HubSpot domain. HubSpot will then automatically complete the integration of Cookiebot’s consent service and automated cookie control.

Your new cookie policy status will show in your HubSpot CMS

Once the integration is completed through the Cookiebot app, your new cookie policy status for your websites will show in your HubSpot CMS. The standard HubSpot cookie consent solution is automatically disabled when using the Cookiebot app.

Check out your HubSpot website for a live Cookiebot consent service!

The Cookiebot consent service should now be live on your HubSpot website with the configuration that you have set up for that domain in your Cookiebot account.

CookieMagic cookie banner designs for Cookiebot

Are you interested in a cookie banner design which is different from the standard Cookiebot cookie banner? Don’t have the knowledge or means to design a cookie banner of your own? Our Cookiebot custom banner designs each have their own unique characteristics and are optimized for high opt-in percentages.

You can style the Cookiebot custom banner designs to your look and feel.

Cookiebot integrates with these HubSpot features


Blog Landing pages Website pages

Other tools Cookiebot integrates with

Cookiebot operates by implementing 2 scripts on your website.

One for showing and operating the Cookie Banner and one for displaying the automatically generated cookie declaration. Integrating with your website or CMS is therefore easy to realize. Also combining the implementation with Google Tag Manager, WordPress and Google Consent Mode is possible.

Getting started

  1. Sign up for a Cookiebot account here
  2. Find Cookiebot in the Hubspot App Marketplace

Need help to implement Cookiebot with Hubspot? Here is our Help Center Article  

Didn’t solve your problem? Contact us.

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