Changing the colors of the custom banner

The color of the banner, buttons and hyperlinks, can be adjusted to match the look and feel of your corporate identity. Colors are defined in HEX-format. All colors are defined on the first 25 lines of the CSS file and are documented in the same file.

Open the Cookiebot manager, select Dialog. Within the CSS field go to the corresponding line to change the color-code.

DescriptionID or CSS classLinenumber
Background-color of cookiebanner#cookiebanner3
Text-color of cookiebanner#cookiebanner p6
Link-color of cookiebanner#cookiebanner a9
Background-color and text-color of accept button#cookiebanner a.c-button
12 / 13
Background-color on mouse-over of accept button#cookiebanner a.c-button:hover16
Text-color of manage cookies link#cookiebanner a.c-link19
Text-color on mouse-over of manage cookies link#cookiebanner a.c-link:hover22