Change the logo in your cookie banner

The logo file in the cookie banner is a Base64 image, which is a string of code. If you would like to replace the CookieMagic logo with your own logo, you need to convert your image first.

Changing the logo

Navigate to

Drag and drop you’re file or click “Or click here”  and select your logo/image. jpeg, png or jpg files supported. Encoding starts automatically.

When encoding is done, the file will be available under the heading “Encoding” Click “Show code”  and a popup will appear.

Select the string in “for use in image elements” by clicking copy to clipboard.

Navigate to the Dialog tab in the Cookiebot manager. 

Go to line 3 in the HTML field. Remove the string of code between the quotes (“”) right after <img src=. Replace it with the code of the image you’ve just created by pasting it between the quotes (“”) and save.

Your logo will be displayed in the cookie banner.

Removing the logo

You can choose to show your banner without a logo.

Navigate to the Cookiebot manager and click the Dialog tab. Within the HTML field remove the third line of code starting with <a href….. until the end of </a>. The logo will not be displayed.