Displaying the Cookiebot cookie banner in a specific language with Google Tag Manager

You can display the Cookiebot cookie banner in a specific language. This can be done by adding the attribute “culture” to the Cookiebot script. The attribute value is the ISO language code.

Simply modify the CookieConsent tag code in GTM. Do you have a multilingual website and would like the banner display a custom language for each specific URL? Have a look at the article: multilingual support when using GTM.

Example: Always show the cookie banner in Spanish

<script id="CookieConsent" src="https://consent.cookiebot.com/uc.js?cbid=00000-0000-00000-0000-00000000&amp;culture=es" type="text/javascript" async>
function CookieConsentCallback_OnAccept() {
if (CookieConsent.consent.preferences)
if (CookieConsent.consent.statistics)
if (CookieConsent.consent.marketing)

Don’t forget to change the cbid=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 with your own code.