Transfer existing cookiebot account

Start using our banner designs and receive first line support

Want to use the CookieMagic cookie banner designs in your Cookiebot account?

The CookieMagic cookie banner designs can be used in your current Cookiebot subscribtion when you assign CookieMagic as your reseller. This is applicable for all Cookiebot premium accounts.


CookieMagic receives a kick back fee from Cookiebot, making it possible for us to give you acces to our first line support and provide you the CookieMagic cookie banner designs free of charge.

Your current Cookiebot login details and configuration remain in tact when transfering.


Follow the steps below:


Transfer existing account


1Make sure you are logged out of all your Cookiebot cookie manager sessions in all your browser windows before you proceed.

Transfer account

2Click the button below and click on the login link.

3Log in with your existing Cookiebot account information: e-mail address and password.

4Your account has now been transfered to CookieMagic. You are elligable for our first line support and cookie banner designs. Click next to sign up for a CookieMagic Portal account.

Screenshot step 2:

Screenshot step 3: